Duck Canvas

Originally used for sailors’ heavy trousers, outerwear and even traditional boat sails, cotton duck is a weighty, plain-but-strong woven canvas.

You’ve heard the expression "tougher than nails." Well, cotton duck may be "tougher than sails."

Waxed Cottons
Our cotton twill utilized on many of our products has been lightly waxed. Not to keep water out like motorcycle racers & sailors of the past, but to reduce oil, dirt and general staining. Cotton that stays looking fresh for much, much longer.

Kevlar Thread
Stitching featuring kevlar aramid fibers retain much of their strength at high temperatures, they keep the seams sealed and retain shape in even the most heated situations. Kelvar threading is used throughout our tig welding glove series.

Triple Seams
3 times the strength in all the right places. The workshop utilize heavy grade triple stitching in all areas of excess stress. Leg, sleeve & crotch seams will take whatever you throw at them.

Genuine Hide
Heavy searching and testing has been undertaken to find the best hide for our genuine leather goods. Animal hide that is not only durable, but strikes the perfect balance among dexterity, abrasion resistance, and comfort.