The Earnest Workshop team takes pride in hand picking all materials to create our gear.
From heavy duty stain repellant duck canvas, our very own abrasion resistant K-CANVAS® right down to heat-resistant kevlar stitching and joints.


It's takes many aspects to make a quality product, just like an engine. If the smallest component fails, it get's messy.
Materials, stitch selection, thread strength, reinforced panels, we could go on all day. Basically, we treat every aspect of each individual product with the upmost importance.

The materials used on all Earnest wear are designed and sourced specifically for that individual product's use.
Paired with a lengthy (and often brutal) testing & an on-going development process, this creates not only the longest lasting of gear, but fit, comfort, innovation and strength like no other.



Heavy Duck Canvas

Originally used for sailors’ heavy trousers, outerwear and even traditional boat sails, cotton duck is a weighty, plain-but-strong woven canvas.
You’ve heard the expression "tougher than nails." Well, cotton duck may be "tougher than sails."


Stain Repellant Waxed Cottons

Our cotton twill utilized on many of our products has been lightly waxed. Not to keep water out like motorcycle racers & sailors of the past, but to reduce oil, dirt and general staining. Cotton that stays looking fresh for much, much longer.


Heat Resistant Kevlar Thread

Stitching featuring kevlar aramid fibers retain much of their strength at high temperatures, they keep the seams sealed and retain shape in even the most heated situations. Kelvar threading is used throughout our tig welding glove series.


Triple Reinforcement Seams

3 times the strength in all the right places. The workshop utilize heavy grade triple stitching in all areas of excess stress. Leg, sleeve & crotch seams will take whatever you throw at them.


Genuine Leather Hide

Heavy searching and testing has been undertaken to find the best hide for our genuine leather goods. Animal hide that is not only durable, but strikes the perfect balance among dexterity, abrasion resistance, and comfort.



A canvas weave like no other. Earnest's very own K-CANVAS® is the world’s very first work canvas to be so strong, it's been CE rated for motorcycle use.

We took what we know best - our tried and true, reliable and strong traditional canvas weave - and made it better, by developing a unique construction process which fuses Dupont Kevlar® directly with traditional heavy cotton threads.

How much better you ask? How does 20x the tensile strength of regular work pants sound?

 Finally, a material you can weld, grind and beat on in the workshop, then thrash around the street with confidence.



Spark Friendly

All our cotton canvas and heavy cotton stitch are designed and constructed with real workshop use in mind. Unlike nylon or other synthetics, they love sparks. Carry out your day-to-day without the fear of pinholes from heat.

Weld and grind away with the confidence that if you spray our cotton, it will come out the other side looking as good as new.*


Heavy Duck Canvas

Originally used for sailors’ heavy trousers, outerwear and even traditional boat sails, cotton duck is a weighty, plain-but-strong woven canvas.

Unlike traditional canvas, our tightly stitched weave is great for avoiding snags and tears. It is second only to leather in the class of true workwear fabrics in its ability to block the wind and if your day to day slog features regular grinding or welding in the shop, have no fear as light sparks or slag won’t ruin our fabric, unlike nylon or other synthetics that end up with pinholes in the same situation.

It gets better with age. While slightly stiff at first, it won't take long to adapt to your wear patterns and become a durable second skin.



Genuine Leather Hide

We utilize genuine hides on all our leather products. Earnest's top grain, individually chosen cowhide is not only extremely durable and long lasting, but features top heat and flame resistance for tig or mig welding. The perfect balance between durability, dexterity, abrasion resistance and comfort.



Stain Repellant Waxed Cottons

As if our cotton being spark friendly, light on the shoulders and extremely durable wasn't enough, we have finished select products off with a waxing. See that slight reflective sheen? That's the wax doing it's job to repel stains and dirt to keep you looking fresher for longer.



Triple Stitched Seams

We've all had our fair share of blow-outs in the past. So we have opted to over engineer our gear with triple stitching in key stress points to ensure this never happens to you again when pushing the limits.

Folded seams are stitched three times over along the legs, the crotch area and upper body. A double stitch might do the trick on your day to day denim, but not here.


Heat Resistant Dupont Kevlar®

Kevlar has many applications, ranging from motorbike tires and racing sails to body armor, because of its high tensile strength-to-weight ratio; by this measure it is 5 times stronger than steel. For us however, the most important aspect of kevlar is its resistance to heat.

Earnest's heat resistant thread utilizes kevlar spun throughout our welding glove range for this very reason. It holds it’s shape and most importantly strength under incredibly high temperatures. Maintaining the strength of our glove seams whatever your welding habits throw at them.