August 18, 2014

Earnest Product Feature: Squire Workshop Apron

Months of sampling, tweaking and thrashing in the workshop have left us with this fitted yet workable heavy cotton twill apron. A lengthy process with an emphasis on style and comfort.

A fitted, slim, heavy duty workshop apron to keep you covered daily. Perfect for around the workshop duties and light fab work.

- Heavy duty but feather light once on, protect your clothes during serious workshop operations.
- 100% cotton, 300GSM, preshrunk, heavy twill.
- Solid strapped cross back design and soft-edge webbing removing pressure from the neck, you'll forget it's on.
- Flapped smart phone pocket located high to keep away from day to day impacts.
- Double utensil pocket for pens, pencils & fabrication rulers.
- Deep double bar tack re-inforced main pockets for stashing tools.
- Flapped crosspocket for lengthy items.
- Reinforced tool loop.
- Quick-release buckle - easy to adjust and quick to remove.

A versatile item that's essential in every workshop.

Available in both Black & Grey.

Now available in the store, click here for more.
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