September 10, 2014

#workshopwednesdays - Deep in Suburbia

Tucked away within the suburban jungle are hidden gems, you've just gotta know where to look. For this weeks #workshopwednesdays visit, we navigate the cul-de-sacs, corner diary's and playgrounds to sieve out this hidden treasure.

Meet Chris Cain - the young ‘suit’ who escapes his office desk by spending his nights surrounded by two wheeled machinery. Over the years Chris and his old man have filled this small two car garage to the absolute brim with tools and projects. That's just how we like it.

It's an increasing rarity in these days of smart phones, flat whites and electronic dominance to find spaces dedicated to the mechanical delight of motorcycles. Chris's passion for racing is readily apparent throughout as soon as you step foot in the workshop.

With 5 bikes, a project car and a goldmine of tools, free space is at a premium. We all know that working in a small space can be difficult, but armed with a ‘we can do anything’ mentality, these two are definitely making the most of what they have.

If you look around the workshop you’ll soon notice a defined theme. Instead of heavy weight litre bikes and large capacity thumpers, you’ll find compact bottle rockets. 125cc 2 stroke Grand Prix bikes, an Italian GP 125cc inspired road bike, a 150cc 4 stroke work horse, a V4 400cc 4 stroke road racer. All these bikes have one thing in common, a David vs. Goliath approach to racing. Racing for these two isn’t about outright straight line power, rather it is an emphasis on riding ability, strong power from light weight packages and superior handling.

Now we think it's time to get to the track and see what all the fuss is all about..

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