Animal Style GP

January 20, 2020

Animal Style GP

Animal Style GP was held over the weekend at Hampton Downs, Julian Jacobs, Jason Bostrom, Palmer Sanderson and Brandon Strong made their way over from the USA and Canada to drive with the locals who also made the effort to travel from all corners of New Zealand.

D Club organiser Rueben in conjunction with Cs Garage put together a jam style event that resulted was a mix of good friends, great cars, amazing driving and a fun time for hundreds of spectators.

The Hampton Downs layout with its fast right hand entry gave drivers a chance to really throw down, the South Island crew settled in straight away along with USA drivers Julian and Justin who were adjusting to their borrowed right hand drive cars.

The quality of the cars at this event really raised the bar for drifting in New Zealand. Preparations had been going long into the night before and every effort was made to make them look and perform at their optimum level.

Julian prepping for battle. 

The ultimate tow setup.

Team Cream

The ultimate RX7

Installing a passenger seat for the ride along!

The level of driving and quality of cars was next level.

Adam from CsGarage had been working hard in the lead up to this event, he has been instrumental in completing some top level fabrication on these cars. 

Keisuke joining in on this SR heavy party.

Prize packs ready for the winning drivers and teams.

This jam style layout, the emphasis on team drifting, the international drivers and spectators from all around the world made the Animal Style GP an event we won’t forget for a long time.


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